Digital marketing, also known as Internet marketing, is the use of the Internet and other digital communications to promote products and communicate with potential customers. As a marketing pipeline, it includes not only Facebook, Google ads, YouTube, other social media and web-based banner ads, but also text and multimedia communications.

Infographics for Improving SEO — Visual Paradigm Online

The Importance of SEO for Digital Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the process of increasing website traffic and consistency through the organic performance of search engines. The goal is to improve Web content so that search engines like to display specific keywords as preferred results when searching for them.

How can infographics help digital marketing

Infographics are a…

The importance of good menu design to a restaurant is self-evident. It can not only significantly increase the profit of the restaurant, but also create imaginative space for customers by using rich graphic information, and help the restaurant attract countless repeat customers.

But in our lives, many restaurants don’t pay much attention to the menu. Arbitrary menu design can lead to bad business.

The importance of good menu design

  • First, will increase the cost of customer choice, reduce turnover;
  • Second, it will make customers have a bad impression on the restaurant;
  • Third, it will affect the customer’s dining mood. …

Fault tree analysis is one of the most commonly used methods in system reliability analysis. It is a process of system design or improvement by analyzing various factors that may lead to system failure, including hardware, software, environment, human factors, etc. By drawing the fault tree, we can determine the possible combinations of modes and the probability of the cause of the system failure. The failure probability of the system is calculated and the corresponding measures are taken.

FTA is a design analysis and evaluation methods to improve system reliability. It is often used in the process of Six Sigma…

PDCA is considered one of the most popular frameworks for continuous improvement of business processes. PDCA (plan do check action), also known as Deming cycle, is the simplest framework for process improvement. Basically, it’s a series of feedback cycles of continuous improvement — you decide how it works, figure out how to improve it, eventually make changes, and keep repeating the cycle. I believe PDCA is the simplest and most effective way to help you improve your workflow.

PDCA cycle Widely Used in Many Fields

Deming believes that high quality does not come from product inspection based on results, but from continuous improvement based on process. …

We live in a 3D world. So why do you insist on graphic design? Isometric design (the latest design trend) provides you with the advantages of both: Isometric drawing is a bit like graphic design and 3D design to give birth to a baby. There are no convergent perspective lines in 3D design. Isometric design is like your favorite Hollywood star.

Isometric drawing

Like social media, isometric design allows you to have more perspectives on the subject. Isometric technology also allows you to display more details with less complexity. With the ability to display 3D space, it can open corners and gaps…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is an infographic worth? Infographics have both text and pictures, so they represent the best of both worlds. If you don’t have design skills, how can you collect research and data into an attractive infographic?

Fortunately, there are a good free infographic design tool that can help you create fascinating professional infographics. Whether it is to create social media infographics for your website or for professional presentations, you can use a variety of high-quality tools to make beautiful infographics.

Visual Paradigm Online is a tool that allows you to tell…

The traditional “apply and wait” application process is no longer adopted by many employers. Today, they browse for career seekers on social media, i.e. LinkedIn, visit blog or personal websites and consider more creative job applications.

Infographic CV are a creative way for employers to be persuaded that they deserve your attention. Although infographic CVs typically do not replace standard resumes entirely, they are perfect for a blog or social networking site to view, upload, and attach to as a visual portfolio in your applications.

Everyone can be a designer

But if you are not in the designer business, how can you create an infographic…

Still remember the last time you were in a book shop: Remember that row of ordinary, monotonous postcards?

DIY Infographic

Whether you’re promoting your business, promoting your new product campaign, or creating a fun personal greeting on a social network, you can start with a great postcard.

Skip the business-heavy box and create something unique! Use Visual Paradigm Infographic to design your own postcard to show your friends, fans, and loved ones that you care.

Easy Infographic Tool and It is FREE

Visual Paradigm Online is an easy to use tool to quickly turn your photos and ideas into a beautiful, shareable postcard. Even if you are not a…

A lot of families are preparing to forgo their regular holiday celebrations this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many that miss the celebrations may plan to have video meeting for their long-distance party as well as sharing for their pretty Christmas cards which will make everyone feel a bit more connected to their friends, relatives or loved ones.

Looking for DIY Christmas card ideas?

Now you can create personalized cards in minutes. Try Visual Paradigm Online and instantly make photo cards, postcards, and invitations with their professional pre-made templates. Browse through the huge collection of infographics, visuals and Merry Christmas themed templates already made for…

Infographics refers to the visual representation of data, information or knowledge. Infographics are used as a powerful tool that allows people to easily digest information through the use of perspective data, charts, and statistics.

Infographics — data, charts, and statistics

Through the correct use of colors, proportions, and negative space, information can be transformed into memorable, eye-catching and even persuasive graphics. Simply put, infographic is to use visual methods such as diagrams or charts to lead everyone to know what you want to express.

Why Infographics?

Infographics are perfect for compiling a lot of data into one easy-to-follow format that’s both nice to look at and persuasive. Search…

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