AWS 2019 Update — The Most Powerful AWS Architecture Design Tool

- Need to design your Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture?

- Need New AWS 2019 Architecture Icons Set?

Today I would like to introduce how to use Visual Paradigm’s cloud architecture design software to draw AWS architecture diagrams quickly and interestingly. They offer the world’s simplest and most powerful AWS architecture design tool.

Full set of AWS symbols

Create professional AWS architecture diagrams. We provide you with all the AWS icons used in the AWS architecture design.

Drag & Drop Editing

Drag and drop to create and connect AWS symbols. You can use our AWS charting tool to develop AWS architecture diagrams quickly and easily.

Team Collaboration

Teamwork is simple and fun. Because your design is stored on our cloud, your team can work together and share charts online.

Drawing AWS Architecture Diagram Online

If you use Amazon Web Services, you’ll love our online AWS Schema diagram tool. The online A WS charting toolprovides you with the latest set of AWS icons ( 2019 AWS icons ) for use in AWS architecture design . In addition, you can connect these AWS shapes to traditional UML shapes such as nodes, components, and artifacts in a UML deployment diagram to better represent your ideas.

Feature Highlight

Simple chart

Create shapes and connectors with a single drag. Use alignment guides to pinpoint shapes as you drag.

MS OFFICE integration

Instead of copying and pasting static images, embed interactive AWS charts in an MS application. Support for Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

VISIO import

Use the Visio template (.vssx, .vsdx) in your drawing with the import feature. Introducing VP Online Visio drawing and editing.

Export and print

Share your work with others by printing or exporting charts to images (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF) or PDF.

Draw with your own shape

Create a palette of templates in image format (eg SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.) and use them in your design. Seamless teamwork team members can draw together at the same time. They can even edit on the same chart without breaking the work of others.

AWS What’s New 2019 — AWS Icons update

The latest update to Visual Paradigm Online supports the creation of AWS architecture diagrams using the new AWS icons officially released in 2019.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has officially released a comprehensive transformation of its AWS architecture icons. The latest updates to Visual Paradigm Online make new AWS icons available. Users can now create AWS Schema diagrams using the latest and best AWS Schema icons , or continue to use the previous AWS Icon Sets according to their choice.

Looking for more? About Visual Paradigm AWS Online Features

Ready to create an AWS architecture diagram? Check out the AWS Schematic Diagram example below to help you get started.

Expedia Global Sale engine ( click to edit )

TheSkyNet architecture ( click to edit )

Slack Architecture ( click to edit )

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