How to create a very compelling infographic for your presentation

Everyday maps, MRT stations, bus stops, data graphs in newspapers, and charts in Excel are all infographics. The purpose is to visualize data to help readers quickly understand and enjoy reading data. If any company, a salesman, or an advertising agency were to express their sales performance or performance, the following traditional chart would be boring, or lack the contrast, and would not represent the characteristics of the industry.

Now, infographics are becoming more and more popular around the world. News websites often see the word “infographic” at the end, and when you click on it you’ll notice that your attention is on the information and the text inside the chart, not on the text outside it.

For example:

Product Rating Gauge Chart

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Infographics make your presentation more interesting

According to Cliff Atkinson, a presentation and presentation expert, a well-done visual infographic has a number of benefits:

  • Can help customers quickly understand an abstract concept
  • Enrich your presentation
  • Readers are encouraged to further understand the content of the image
  • Excel your presentation
  • Use images to tell the story and make the point stand out

It’s a common reading habit to look at pictures first, then text. Using this feature and using it in an infographic can help you communicate better with a client, or even replace a Powerpoint presentation.

Similarly, if you have an idea for comparing the performance of several stores , it can be expressed in a infographic by adopting a infographic template like this.

Comparison Of Several Stores Radar Chart

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